Teamviewer Problem a Connection Could Not Be Established, unable to establish the vpn connection

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Teamviewer Problem a Connection Could Not Be Established
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unable to establish the vpn connection

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  1. Your explanation was so good.
    My worry is that I am Trying to connect with my partners computer but it is displaying an error message 'either your partner isn't connected to the internet or your partner TeamViewer is not working it'
    So, please guide me to resolve this issue. Will be grateful of you.
    I am so sure that the internet at the both the ends are connected properly.

  2. What the hell is this.. What's your video title and what are you teaching. Its kind of making fool to the people for visit on your channel. Your information is bullshit.

  3. (Edited) it is not working because I am using a Dell laptop and there is an app like Smartbyte, it prevents Teamviewer can connect to internet. Here is solution for whom using Dell laptop.


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